Dental Consulting

Dental Consulting

Have a specific dental practice management challenge? Proveer can help! Proveer works with dentists on a wide variety of business challenges. Some clients hire us for large dental consulting projects while others ask us to address a narrow business need. Dental consulting topics include the following and more:

Dental fees
PPO participation
Staff analysis
Staff compensation
Schedule capacity analysis
Dental treatment benchmarking
Practice profitability benchmarking
Dental practice marketing
Dental coding and billing
Analysis of business opportunities



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Dental Practice Management

Dental practice management

You are an expert at dentistry.  We are experts at dental practice management.  Working together, our clients enjoy a higher level of success with less stress while enjoying more free time for their personal lives.  We work directly with you and your staff to ensure the business aspects of your practice are covered and performing at a high level.  Get the management resources formerly only available to chain dental practices and practice ownership/management companies while retaining full ownership and control of your dental practice.

Your practice.  Your way.

Every one of our clients is unique and that’s the way it should be!  In fact, we leverage that uniqueness to help you stand out from your competitors.  We don’t believe practice management can be reduced to a simple formula and we don’t believe our clients fit in a box.  We leverage our expertise to help you run your practice your way.  You maintain full ownership and full control of your practice in exchange for a simple monthly fee — a fee that is less than the increase in earnings we deliver.  If not, fire us!

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Dental Practice Transitions

Proveer works with Michigan dentists on dental practice transitions including stand-alone acquisitions, buy-ins, and practice mergers. Proveer helps each buyer identify attractive purchase opportunities, put a value on specific opportunities (which may or may not turn out to be close to the value of the seller’s appraiser), structure the purchase, negotiate price and terms, and find and negotiate financing.

But Proveer goes way beyond just “doing the deal” helping the buyer with all business aspects of the transition from staff communication and compensation to contractual matters with dental insurance companies to dental fees to practice management design to practice management software setup and more.

You have one opportunity to get it right. Proveer allows the buying dentist to achieve a higher level of success in less time with less stress. The buyer focuses on his or her area of expertise – dentistry – while Proveer takes care of the business and management aspects of transitioning the practice to new ownership.

Contact Proveer for a free discussion of your dental practice transition needs.  No obligation. No pressure.

PPO Participation


Participation in dental insurance networks (PPO‘s) can be a blessing or a curse and the impact on practice profitability can be dramatic. On the positive side, participation in PPO’s allows your practice to maintain existing patients and attract new patients. On the negative side, participation forces you to collect less for the services you provide. The big question is whether the positive outweighs the negative for each dental insurance network.


A secondary question is how much room there is to negotiate the fees associated with each dental network. Some networks offer fees on a take it or leave it basis while others are willing to negotiate.


Proveer can help with both questions. Proveer will collect information about your practice such as fees, patient numbers, and new patient flow to analyze the tradeoffs associated with joining or dropping participation in dental insurance networks. While we’re at it, we will take a look at your regular fees for dental services and make sure you are not leaving money on the table.

Better results. Less stress. Full control.

Having a business ally allowed us to pursue our dream of ownership. We are glad to be working with Proveer and give them high praise.

--Anne Meeuwsen, DDS --

In addition to receiving expert business strategies they also have the ability to directly implement those strategies into your practice while saving valuable time and resources. They have increased my profitability while decreasing my stress. I highly recommend them!

--John Klooster, DDS --

Proveer has simplified my practice and increased the quality of my life. I can stick to the dentistry and the routine management tasks, but leave difficult chores (negotiate with insurance, office retirement plan implementation, monthly check of the books…) to Proveer.

--Drew Scholtz, DDS--

I recently purchased my practice, and the transition to practice ownership has been a breeze thanks to Proveer.  With everything involved in acquiring and setting up a dental practice, I would have been lost without them.

--Kathryn Burggraaf, DDS--

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