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Dental Appointment Reminders


One of our client dental practices in Michigan neglected to perform reminder calls one day. So what happened? Did it even matter? Well, it did matter. The no show rate for the day was extraordinarily high and some patients specifically said they forgot their appointments without the reminder calls. On another occasion, the practice quit sending…

Ensuring Accuracy with Collections


Properly recording money collected at a dental office can be complicated, especially if the dental office participates with dental insurance. The more complicated, the more room for human error. One simple way to reduce errors is to verify the deposit slip that goes to the bank matches the record of payments in the dental practice…

HIPAA Compliance for Dentists


HIPAA compliance isn’t optional, it’s the law. Proveer can help. On September 23, 2013, new HIPAA requirements took effect and fines for HIPAA violations increased from an annual maximum of $25,000 to $1.5 million per violation. Does your practice comply? Are all emails with patient information sent in an encrypted format? Do you have a…

Better results. Less stress. Full control.

Having a business ally allowed us to pursue our dream of ownership. We are glad to be working with Proveer and give them high praise.

--Anne Meeuwsen, DDS --

In addition to receiving expert business strategies they also have the ability to directly implement those strategies into your practice while saving valuable time and resources. They have increased my profitability while decreasing my stress. I highly recommend them!

--John Klooster, DDS --

Proveer has simplified my practice and increased the quality of my life. I can stick to the dentistry and the routine management tasks, but leave difficult chores (negotiate with insurance, office retirement plan implementation, monthly check of the books…) to Proveer.

--Drew Scholtz, DDS--

I recently purchased my practice, and the transition to practice ownership has been a breeze thanks to Proveer.  With everything involved in acquiring and setting up a dental practice, I would have been lost without them.

--Kathryn Burggraaf, DDS--

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