PPO Participation

Dental PPO

Participation in dental insurance networks (PPO‘s) can be a blessing or a curse and the impact on practice profitability can be dramatic. On the positive side, participation in PPO’s allows your practice to maintain existing patients and attract new patients. On the negative side, participation forces you to collect less for the services you provide. The big question is whether the positive outweighs the negative for each dental insurance network.

A secondary question is how much room there is to negotiate the fees associated with each dental network. Some networks offer fees on a take it or leave it basis while others are willing to negotiate.

Proveer can help with both questions. Proveer will collect information about your practice such as fees, patient numbers, and new patient flow to analyze the tradeoffs associated with joining or dropping participation in dental insurance networks. While we’re at it, we will take a look at your regular fees for dental services and make sure you are not leaving money on the table.