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Dental practice management and dental consulting for dentists in Michigan.


You trained to be a dentist, but signed up for so much more as manager of your dental practice.

Dental practice expenses, collections, staff management, compensation, marketing, coding, insurance, scheduling, office space, dental fees, equipment upgrades, policies, procedures, OSHA, HIPAA, loans, investment, and…oh yeah, PRACTICING DENTISTRY.

Maximize the difference between what you get out of your dental practice and what you put in.

Get the dental consulting and practice management resources formerly only available to chain dental practices and practice ownership/management companies while retaining full ownership and control of your dental practice.

Better results. Less stress. Full control.

We can take your practice to the next level. Contact us Today!

Testimonials From Our Clients

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  • I recently purchased my practice, KB Family Dentistry, and the transition to practice ownership has been a breeze thanks to Proveer.  With everything involved in acquiring and setting up a dental practice, I would have been lost without them.  Greg is very knowledgeable, responsive, and with the help of his staff addresses the needs of my practice on a daily basis.  This has kept me stress free through this transition and allows me time to focus on what I really enjoy doing, which is the dentistry!  I would highly recommend Proveer to anyone looking for dental consulting or dental practice management help.

  • I’ve worked with Proveer for just under two years now and it has transformed my practice, Belmont Dentistry. The business services they provide have directly been responsible for my growth and efficiency as a dental practice. What sets them apart from other consultants is that in addition to receiving expert business strategies they also have the ability to directly implement those strategies into your practice while saving valuable time and resources. They have increased my profitability while decreasing my stress. I highly recommend them!!

  • I wanted to just send you specifically and Proveer in general a thank you for all the work you have done on our behalf helping us get on our feet and get things established.  It seems things are picking up well and hopefully will continue and I know that Proveer has been a big part of that so thank you very much for all you do and are doing and will do for the success of our business.

  • I worked with Proveer in the fall of 2014.  I was nearing the end of my pediatric dentistry residency program and was looking for job opportunities.  Proveer did a fantastic job helping me to evaluate associate opportunities and negotiate employment contracts.  Having very little to no experience in that area I was very fortunate to have the help from a knowledgeable resource.  I have now secured a wonderful associate opportunity, thanks to Proveer!

  • From the early days of our search for a practice through the practice acquisition to the current day-to-day management of our business Ravenna Family Dentistry, Proveer has been with us every step of the way. Proveer has cleared the muddy waters of ownership and allowed us to focus on patient care while working and family time when not working. Having a business ally allowed us to pursue our dream of ownership. We are glad to be working with Proveer and give them high praise.

  • I started working with Proveer when I was negotiating a buy-in with my previous employer. That opportunity did not work out, but my experience with Proveer was great. I’ve been with Proveer since and a year later we were able to find a practice that was a better fit, Scholtz Dental. Proveer helped me from day 1: finding the listing, evaluating financials, negotiating purchase and closing. Now as a new practice owner Proveer helped me with the transition and the nuances of business ownership that would’ve been headaches if I had to do myself. The help with practice management allows me more time chair side, increased profits and most importantly time away from the office with my family. Proveer has simplified my practice and increased the quality of my life. I can stick to the dentistry and the routine management tasks, but leave difficult chores (negotiate with insurance, office retirement plan implementation, monthly check of the books…) to Proveer. I highly recommend Proveer to help with a dental practice purchase or sale and as a consultant with practice management issues.

  • I started working with Proveer in 2007 soon after purchasing my practice, Van Haren Dentistry in Grand Rapids, from a retiring dentist, and Proveer helped to transform my practice from a small, owner-run business into a much more efficient and profitable practice that has a professional business structure in place. Proveer took the time to understand my practice values, and then worked within those values to evaluate the current performance of the practice, establish systems to improve practice performance, and plan for the future of the practice. With Proveer handling the business components of my practice, I am able to focus almost exclusively on the clinical aspects of my practice. Proveer allows me to provide the highest possible level of care to my patients, with the least amount of stress!